Sunday, April 4, 2010

Please, be pretty on the inside.

One of the things I really really love are houses and every desing involve in it. I have desing my very own perfect dream house (Who hasn't thought about a dream house huh?) and I have so many ideas. I love interior desing and I love putting things together to create an amazing and confortable place to live. Maybe someday I get to have my dream house, maybe not, but mean while I enjoy desinging and watching unbelieveble houses.
Here you have some great ideas, very different to each other, but every desing is just perfectly made.

Isn't the pool just delicious?

I love this large gorgeous table

This house is all minimalist, just perfect

What better than The Beatles?

Bathrooms.. This one looks so fancy and stylish

Love this brown table in the middle

The wall is so creative. Amazing


or Yellow?

The perfect kitchen

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The Rachel Zoe Proyect

Rachel Zoe is an American fashion stylist and author, best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, beauty firms, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. In 2008, the first season of her Bravo reality television series The Rachel Zoe Project debuted.
She has the most incredible style I have ever seen, every outfit she puts together ends perfectly.
She has worked with Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Demi Moore and Anne Hathaway.
And her show: The Rachel Zoe Proyect is amazing and always fun to watch.

Here are some casual outfits:
Then I will post some party outfits as well.

Here she is with her husband Rodger in Paris

Here she is with her husband Rodger and her fashion assistent Brad in Paris.
Isn't she just AMAZING?
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rings for you. Rings for me.

I'm a little obssesed with rings. Every shape, color, size... I just love rings, they are one of my favourite accesories and I needed to make a post with the coolest rings I have ever seen.

The steak ring

The geek rings

The compass ring

The black diamond snake ring

The arrow ring

The bow ring
The headphones ring

The screw ring

The caracol ring

The artistic ring

The waves ring
The Alexander McQueen ring

The goldenfish ring

The fruit ring

The flower pot ring

Thw cougar ring

The computer chip ring

The revolver ring

The pacman rings

The octopus ring

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