Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good and fashionable morning

I'm finally here
Well, hello everyone, I'm so glad I finally decided to start my blog.
I'm extremely happy and I hope that a lot of people get to enjoy what I will do.
I created this blog to talk about everything that makes me happy, with that I mean everything that involves art, travel, amazing food, incredible places, music, photography, life style and most importantly fashion and every little thing that makes fashion the most creative and fascinating thing in the world.
Fashion Morning is called this way because for me fashion is a fresh, beautiful and sunny morning, a morning that was a night and that will become an afternoon. With this I mean that fashion always changes and it's always reinvented. Also when I think about morning I think about a beautiful blue sky with tons of white and puffy clouds, this represents the other things that complement fashion in my life: the ones I mentioned before, art, travel, photography, food, music and life style.
I'm going to talk about so many things, like the most stylish people, the hottest bloggers and the ones I love the most, the trends with my point of view, my icons, amazing photographs, amazing food and recipies, incredible places to travel, music, movies and so many other things!
With that said, lets start this adventure.

And remember. All you need is love.

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